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Who Are HIP?

Riedel Marketing Group knows all about HIP ...
and how you can tap into it today

At Riedel Marketing Group, we have long been intrigued by the concept that a small segment of consumers tell the rest of us what to buy, and -- by tracking and monitoring these trend-setting consumers, we should be able to detect emerging new trends early in their infancy.

Riedel Marketing Group (RMG) initiated the HomeTrend Influentials project in early 2004.

Our goal:

  • Find the consumers who are
    • the first to jump on important new home-related trends,
    • the early adopters of important new products for the home, and
    • sought out by mainstream consumers for opinions and advice about home products and home decorating
  • Establish a panel of those trend-setting consumers
  • Track and monitor their attitudes, habits and practices, and buying behaviors over time

By tracking and monitoring the changes these influential consumers are making in their home-related habits and practices, and tracking and monitoring how their attitudes toward their homes are changing, home goods manufacturers, marketers and retailers should be able to keep their fingers on the pulse of what these trendsetting consumers are doing, thinking, and buying.

Finding the Trend-Spreading Consumer

We used the Roper Influentials criteria as the starting point.

Roper Influentials criteria

To be considered an Influential as defined by RoperASW/NOP World, a person must have done at least three of the following activities in the past year:

  • written or called any politician at the state, local, or national level;
  • attended a political rally, speech, or organized protest of any kind;
  • attended a public meeting on town or school affairs;
  • held or run for political office;
  • served on a committee for some local organization;
  • served as an officer for some club or organization;
  • written a letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine or called a live radio or TV show to express an opinion;
  • signed a petition;
  • worked for a political party;
  • made a speech;
  • written an article for a newspaper or magazine; or
  • been an active member of any group that tries to influence public policy or government.

Our initial research revealed that just because a person is an Influential as defined by Roper, it does not mean that they are necessarily a HomeTrend Influential.  We have determined that there are eight attributes that clearly differentiate HomeTrend Influentials from the general population.

Our eight HIP Attributes

  1. Influentials consider themselves to be trend setters.
  2. They enjoy being the first among their friends to purchase the latest new things for their home.
  3. Others seek their advice about home decorating and their opinions on new products for the home.
  4. They like to tell others about new products that they have tried and liked.
  5. They willingly try new items (such as new household cleaning products) that they see advertised or in a store.
  6. They like their home to look up-to-date.
  7. They like to keep their finger on the pulse of what is new for the home.
  8. They enjoy talking about what’s new for the home.


Establishing a Panel of Trend-Spreading Consumers

The HomeTrend Influentials Panel (HIP) is a proprietary panel of HomeTrend Influentials (HIPsters). Riedel Marketing Group is the exclusive source of HIPsters trends and supporting data.

We base our independently identified, quantified, and monitored panel of 50 HomeTrend Influentials in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, Westchester County and Long Island New York, Chicago, and Phoenix, Arizona, on rigorous measuring criteria. On a ongoing basis, we  verify each person in our panel continues to fit the screening criteria and we refresh our panel yearly to make sure our data collection stays up-to-date.

Panel members participate in in-home interviews, online bulletin board focus groups, and e-mail or online surveys. They are paid an incentive of $75 to $100 to participate in the in-home interview and online bulletin board focus groups.

HomeTrend Influentials Panel Membership Criteria

  • Home owners
  • Are an Influential as defined by RoperASW/NOP World
  • Have painted a room, re-arranged one or more rooms, and/or redecorated one or more rooms of their home within the past year
  • Use a PC for e-mail/networking
  • Have recommended a new food, household cleaning, laundry, or housewares products to someone else in the past year
  • Are willing to try new food, household cleaning, laundry, or housewares products that they see advertised or in a store
  • Strongly agree with at least two of the following statements:
    • I like my home to look up-to-date.
    • I consider myself to be somewhat of a trend-setter.
    • I like to keep my finger on the pulse of what is new for the home.
    • I enjoy talking with my family, friends, and/or co-workers about what's new for the home.
  • Strongly agree with at least one of the following statements:
    • My friends and family seek my opinion on new products that they may be thinking about buying for their homes.
    • My friends and family seek my advice about home decorating.

Tracking and Monitoring the Trend-Spreading Consumer

We have every member of the HomeTrend Influentials Panel complete an in-depth questionnaire every year about their home-related habits and practices, lifestyle, and family composition.  We conduct a two-hour in-home interview with every new panelist and again whenever panel members work on their homes.  We conduct quarterly online bulletin board focus groups and periodic e-mail surveys.

To learn more about why HIPsters are so important, continue here.